Case Study

Complete digital transformation for an established gym in East London


One of the first MMA & Performance Centres in the UK, LDG approached Two Brothers when they needed to reboot their business model. They wanted to leapfrog their competition by leveraging new technologies and adopting a complete digital transformation.


Khalid Ismail, CEO of LDG, challenged us to create a system for him that he was able to run on his laptop, anywhere in the world. He was also completely changing his business model, going from a commercial gym to a semi-private training facility, with a focus on deeper customer interaction to help his clientele achieve their fitness goals.


Using LDG’s new vision, we created a digital strategy that was systems based not people based. This means that all customers get the best service, every time. We achieved this by automating 70% of the business, allowing staff to concentrate on providing excellent customer service.

Two Brothers provided a complete Digital Transformation, we rebuilt the entire business on the cloud. From sales and marketing to delivery and operations, everything runs on the cloud.

  • We mapped out the business processes, organised them into distinct systems (client acquisition, client retention etc), optimised the processes and then automated the repetitive tasks
  • We configured cloud based software, G Suite, as their virtual office. This provides: business email, video conferencing, cloud storage and file sharing – all the tools needed to operate (from anywhere). At the time, they were running everything off 1 gmail account and 2 onsite computers. Files were stored locally with no backup and could only be accessed on site.
  • We migrated all their customer data to a new CRM & POS System called Mindbody. It gave them the ability to have a branded app for customers to manage their own accounts. The software also gave them the ability to integrate to other cloud softwares that could automate their sales, marketing and retention systems
  • We configured an internal communication system in the form of an instant messaging platform called Hangouts. Rooms were created to encourage discussion around daily tasks, operational activities and company wide updates. This didn’t exist previously; communication was mainly through phone calls, text messaging and WhatsApp, which caused a lot of confusion.
  • We created an on-boarding system for new staff to be trained quickly and effectively. The staff had access to an internal portal that stored all relevant training materials e.g. videos, documents, etc. that could be accessed anywhere, anytime. This didn’t exist previously; staff were trained face to face, ad hoc.


Khalid can now run LDG from his laptop! He has full vision of his business, can communicate with his staff effectively, make decisions quickly based on proven data, and has the infrastructure in place to scale his business.

Two Brothers Digital Transformation has enabled LDG to finally realise their vision, and now have the tools to execute this vision effectively. Khalid is well on his way to getting the business he wanted.

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