Case Study

Digital transformation for youth charity – 20 years worth of data


Futureversity is a charity that offers free holiday programmes to young people aged 13-16. They provide a range of structured activities designed to develop skills, opportunities to visit new places and meet a range of people. Activities include drama and sports days, orienteering, cooking, business challenges, cultural excursions and more. They have a client base of around 20,000 young people. They work with schools and 3rd sector organisations across the whole of London, with a view to expand to the rest of the U.K.


In 2014, Futureversity were in the process of downsizing due to cuts in funding to the youth sector. They were faced with very difficult decisions, with an over inflated legacy IT system; Futureversity gave us the challenge to transform their IT infrastructure and drastically cut their overheads in order to survive.


We took this opportunity not only to cut costs, but increase value; the technology we put in place has catapulted Futureversity into the future!

These are some of the solutions we put in place:

  • 24 PC’s and laptops with locally stored files were high risk of data loss. We uploaded and organised all files to Google Drive. Now users have access to all their files from anywhere and on any device; not to mention the added 99.99% disaster recovery and backup with Google’s world class backup and security features.
  • 6 onsite servers with over 4TB of information were bursting at the seams, especially since the hardware was out of date and support ran out – Futureversity were in danger of losing 20 years worth of data. The servers were running onsite, 24hrs a day, contributing to a large energy bill mainly because of the portable air conditioning unit that was needed to cool the servers down. We transferred all the files onto Google Drive safely and securely and got rid of all the servers, saving money and space (a whole room’s worth)
  • 35 email mailboxes running on outdated Microsoft Exchange servers on-site totalling 500GB was also migrated over to Gmail, which has unrivalled spam filtering, security and encryption, add ons from third party software and much more.
  • Onsite Phone System (VOIP) Server – A very expensive system to buy and run was sold and a new cloud based VOIP service was arranged which cut around 70% of the running costs. Not to mention gave the added benefit of having a phone system that wasn’t tied to a location (cloud based), which meant that Futureversity has a true mobile office that can be run anywhere in the world!
  • 38,749 photos migrated to Google Photos and organised into 703 albums – Futureversity now can use these assets and are available in the cloud, which of course means that they can access them anywhere!


The new cloud infrastructure has allowed Futureversity to continue to deliver impactful work without the IT getting in the way. Cloud technology has revolutionised the way they work; staff work remotely and have a highly collaborative way of working, using the full spectrum of G Suites services including Hangouts Meet video conferencing for remote meetings, Google Docs instantaneously access enabled them to work on the same document without the need to send attachments or worry about version control for greater productivity.

The single most important thing in this whole process is that Futureversity can spend more time impacting young people’s lives

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